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How to use Lavender Essential Oil
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First discovered for its ability to promote tissue regeneration and speed wound healing. Lavender's nickname is the Swiss Army knife of essential oils as it has many many uses.

Inhale to:

  • Support healthy lung function
  • Promote relaxation
  • Ease sleeplessness
  • Calm nerves

Ingest to:

  • Alleviate seasonal discomfort

Apply topically to:

  • Help with cuts, scrapes, bites, bruises, burns, bleeding, & chapped skin/blisters
  • Ease PMS and aches/pains

Additional Uses:

  • Apply topically to aid in seasonal discomfort relief (inside of cheeks, temples and back of neck),cleanses and soothe moisture deprived skin and encourages healthy skin,
    repell insects
  • Aid in healing burns
  • Aid in halting nosebleeds
  • Ease sore muscles
  • Help calm a stressed mind or body
  • Alleviate symptoms of seasonal discomfort
  • Ingest to aid in seasonal discomfort relief,
  • Soothe an upset tummy (either add to water or put in capsule)
  • Use as a decongestant

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