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Listed in one of the oldest medical records (16th Century BC) and is considered a “Universal Medicine” from ancient times to the present. Frankincense was good for “everything from gout to a broken head”, according to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Frankincense was the most valuable commodity in the world for thousands of years. In Bible times, it was 10 times more costly than gold. This oil is often used as an annointing oil for both Mother and baby.

Frankincense promotes emotional support, is grounding, reduces anxiety, supports the immune system, and skin regeneration.

Inhale to:

  • promote emotional well-being
  • alleviate anxiety  
  • elevate mood
  • calm healdaches

Ingest to:

  • support overall wellness
  • aid a healthy immune system

Apply topically to:

  • reduce inflammation, wrinkles, warts, moles, scar tissue, and burns
  • improve nail health
  • eye support (pink eye, sty, clogged tear ducts)
  • relieve respiratory stress
  • relieve sore throat
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