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Heather's Story on how and why she started using Essential Oils to improve the health and wellness of her family

As a mom to young children, I knew our family needed a total overhaul in how we maintained health in our family. We started with proper nutrition, but then we put our focus on finding ways to strengthen our whole body and all of it's systems. My research eventually led me to Young Living Essential Oils. If you want the gist of my research, look here. There is NO other company that can deliver, on this scale, what they promise, which is why this is the only company that I would trust with my family.

With Young Living oils we are now well armed for whatever comes our way. We can also rest assured that this new way of maintaining whole body wellness comes without side effects or potential harm. I have to admit though that some of my favorite ways to use YL oils are for relaxtion after the kids have gone to bed and for aids to help ensure that I get a good nights sleep to start all over again in the morning!

No matter the reason that piques your interest in essential oils, I would love to help you get started! Ask me how!

Heather Milazzo
Oil enthusiast, RN, & Mom

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Heather Milazzo YL Member# 1611643
Contact: heather@oilsabc.com

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